Air Cooler WI-FI Controller

This device automates our desert cooler. With this device we can control the cooler with Local Wi-Fi remote, with our mobile phone via internet as well as through buttons in cooler. This device has humidity and temperature sensor which can control Fan speed and cooler pump according to “IF This Then That” (IFTTT) in automatic mode.

We can also control the device with Wi-Fi remote as well as with Application through internet. Speed of fan and pump can also be controlled through buttons. One button is to change Credentials of Wi-Fi network. 4-channel Seven segment compact PCB. Timers to turn ON/OFF the fan and pump or change speed of fan. Alexa controlled device Current Status of Humidity / Temp

Temperature & Humidity Control

  • This device can Turn off water pump when reached at certain humidity level which can be set through application.
  • This device can also Turn on/off the cooler at certain temperature which can be set through application
  • Timer on/off can also be set through application.

Components on Device

  • We can set speed of fan with two buttons (+ and -).
  • 4-Channel seven segment compact PCB
  • We can also turn water pump on/off through button.

Language & Platform



Hardware & Firmware development


Embedded C


PCB Layout:- Altium designer Firmware:- Keil IDE




  • Timer on/off
  • Speed Control
  • Humitidy Control with IFTTT
  • Temperature Control Control with IFTTT
  • Water Pump Control
  • Display
  • Button on Body
  • WI-FI Remote (without Internet)
  • Control from Mobile - (Through internet)