Cancellation And Refund Policy

Intellisense Technology's first priority is to fulfill the requirements of clients and provide them full satisfaction. However, sometimes if we're unable to please you with our services. Here are our refund policies and rules you must read before taking our services.

Cancellation Policy

If a client wants to cancel our services he/she will submit a cancellation request in the written form with an authorized signature. If a client is canceling the services in between the processing of any project then we can issue an invoice for the amount of work completed at that point in time. A project delayed by the client's end for more than 30 days will be considered canceled and won't be started until we get a written confirmation from the client. A cancellation fee of 20% plus service tax plus other third-party charges will be deducted from the refund.

Refund Policy

We work on every project in the best possible way to accomplish what the client has asked for. However, in adverse situations if a client wants to get his/her money back, please consider the refund rules stated below:

  1. No refund will be given if the project is delayed due to the lack of communication by the client's end
  2. We will deduct the amount of money wasted on our manpower, time, and energy up to that point in time.
  3. The refund will be made after deducting the services tax and hourly charges for the work completed by us.
  4. No refund will be given if a client is not responding after 30 days of completion of the project.
  5. Domain Registration, Dedicated Servers, and software installation fees are not eligible for refunds.
  6. No refunds will be given after a project is completed and deployed on the server.
  7. Processing of refunds will be started within 21 days after the submission of a written request from the client.

Note: We have the right to do all possible attempts to achieve an acceptable solution before giving you a refund. Refunds will only be considered when both us and the clients are mutually satisfied to do. The refund policy doesn't applicable to third-party companies or individuals that we don't manage.

Limitation of Liabilitys

Intellisense Technology will not be liable for direct or indirect loss of revenue related to the projects we have developed. We have the right to terminate any project at any point in time. We can change or update the refund/cancellation policies without any prior notice. So, please read these policies periodically as your continuous use of our website after amendments will be considered as acceptance.