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With Intellisense Technology’s inventory management development services, you can sync your inventory in real-time across offline and online sales channels with our efficient and sophisticated inventory management solution. Furthermore, our developers have also the system is barcode-enabled and GST-ready, allowing for more efficient order processing. You may have a single view of the inventory for seamless operations with our amazing services. You can rely on us and see the wonders in your inventory.

Barcode Systems

Barcoding is a standard feature in many inventory management systems that helps organize and speed up daily chores while increasing accuracy and efficiency. Inventory levels are automatically updated when an employee scans a product in or out. Mobile scanners are also frequent components in modern barcode systems, speeding up the scanning process even more.

Radio Frequency Identification Systems

Many inventory management systems include and support RFID technologies, which are another key feature. According to a recent study, RFID tagging can boost an operation's accuracy from 63 percent to 95 percent. Fixed readers scan things as they move about the warehouse, and the information is automatically entered into the inventory system. This form of the RFID system is known as active; passive RFID systems, like barcode systems, require hand-held equipment.

Typical Features of Our Inventory Management

Inventory Management

To give an exact stock position, an inventory management system from Intellisense Technology automates inventory updates, replenishment, sale orders, deliveries, and returns. Maintaining a delicate stock balance and stock reordering is both an art and a commercial need.

  • Centralized inventory

    Inventory levels and stockouts are critical for tracking sales, stock, and revenue proportions and forecasting a market-appropriate plan. Intellisense Technology's unified inventory management system updates all inventory from online, offline, and warehouses in real-time. Any stockout is quickly tracked, and inventory is updated across several channels at the same time.

  • Vendor management

    You won't have to manually update stock, purchase orders, or prices for the most part. You can provide your supplier’s limited access to your system for no extra charge, allowing them to check their inventories, adjust stock levels and prices, and track new and pending purchase orders.

  • ERP integrations

    The SKU management software integrates seamlessly with your current accounting, sales, and other ERP systems. A modification in inventory management software is reflected appropriately in the other ERPs, allowing for more inter-departmental business operations.

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