Server Management Services

It's tough for a Business to handle both day-to-day operations and server management simultaneously. Most of them even don't have the appropriate knowledge and expertise keeping up with modern server technologies that generally results in loss of critical data and customers. This is where our services come in hand. Intellisense Technology provides Server Management, Monitoring, and Support services to keep your business run 24/7 without any trouble. We've over a decade of experience handling servers while offering you maximum efficiency. With our top-notch skills, we tend to create your server secure and strong so that you can focus on your business development and sales.

Our amazing team can help you with Corrupted RAID recovery, IP Blacklist Removal, Cloud Server Troubleshooting, Infected Website Recovery, Database Repair, Database Optimization, Website Monitoring & Rescue, Disaster Recovery, Disk Space Management, and more.

Server Management

Our Key Services

Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring Services

We help companies monitor their servers including memory consumption, CPU usage, important updates, etc while scanning them regularly to reduce the risks of network crash. Our experts know that different OS needs different techniques for monitoring and management, Hence providing you the best services to manage your network successfully.

Server Optimization

Server Optimization

A sluggish server can affect your Company's performance in a bad way. By Optimizing your server, we can help you deliver more productivity and ROI. Our team of experts will help you to achieve maximum efficiency by using the available resources and at an affordable price.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Whether it's day or night, summer or winter, we're always here for you to troubleshoot your problems. Our 24/7 support service helps your business to instant detect problems and run perfectly without a hitch. In case of network problems, We provide end-to-end support via phone, remote login, or by other means to our clients till the problem gets solved.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Services

Data is a very critical factor for any company's success. So, it's necessary to take regular backup of the data you need in the future. By setting up proper firewalls, security methods and conducting time to time audits, we ensure the safety of your server against harmful viruses and crashing issues.

Server Migration

Server Migration Services

We have a team of experts who can migrate your servers with minimal downtime and zero data loss. Our Migration process is fully planned and executed without impacting your business operations.

Benefits Of Server Management Services


Enhance Productivity

A managed server can save you a lot of time and effort which you can put into your business to generate more sales. Opting Server Maintenance Services keep your computer network optimized and equipped with necessary hardware requirements which result in protecting your business from a costly server breakdown. Proper maintenance of the server makes it work for longer and boosts overall productivity.

Minimal Server Crash Risks

Regularly managing your server improves performance and diminish the risks of crashing. Moreover, having a server maintenance team can protect your infrastructure from malicious viruses, threats and notify you about security issues in advance.

24/7 Monitoring

It's not possible for the server owner to monitor it all the time. If a failure or error occurs during that time, it may put a negative impact on business. Outsourcing a management team can deal with emergency issues and upcoming troubles without affecting your business.

Time-to Time Backup

The risk of accidental deletion of data or important files is always there if you're running a business that can put up your company's reputation on line. Having a management team always ensures the timely backup of your files. In addition to this, we can also assist you with deleted file restoration.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have a team of experts that can manage all kinds of servers.
  • Our Team understands the client's business model and works accordingly.
  • We have cutting-edge technologies to secure your server from malware, viruses, and trojans.
  • We understand client's needs and offer them efficient technologies and services within a friendly budget.