Music Streaming App Development

If you're looking for a App Development Company to create you a Spotify or Gaana like music streaming application ? You are at the right place! We create high-quality Music or Video streaming applications for small, mid-sized, and giant companies with cutting-edge technologies. You can also hire a music app developer to have innovative ideas about the development of live music Streaming apps like Spotify.

Our developers offer high-quality services and exceed every requirement of our customers. Intellisense Technology helps to design and develop live music streaming apps for Android and iPhone which fit your business and boost sales and leads. Contact us and get your music app now!

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We got the Apps with most advanced features implemented in simple & user friendly flow which makes it easy for User and App Owners to use it.

Music App Development Services


Intellisense Technology builds one-stop music app solutions that result in high revenue. Our team of developers know how to create the best streaming apps with all the greatest songs people love. We promise to deliver you a user-friendly solution by understanding your business goals and requirements. You can contact us to get a free quote.

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Take a look at our amazing creation! We have burnt midnight oil and created the best for our clients

Technologies Used

Mongo DB