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We have smart, intuitive controls and technologies for customer's requirements in order to help them with smarter Home automation systems! Intellisense Technology is the foremost name when it comes to ordering world-class services to our customers. Our smart home automation system can help you create a more relaxing, accessible, efficient, and engaging atmosphere in your house.

Our developers always strive hard to bring something together with a variety of technologies that function in tandem to save you time and money. Intellisense Technology is known to build intuitive user dashboards for home automation management with scheduling features, as well as data intelligence modules with home automation software to track history and analyze power consumption.

Home Automation


We can’t deny the fact that smart devices are more affordable and convenient. It is giving a new gateway to the home automation systems and control panels through our visually appealing and conversion-focused mobile user experiences to ensure that your business achieves consistent success.

What Services You Get From Our Embedded Engineers?


Intellisense Technology knows how to make the most of smart home gadgets by developing an integrated IoT ecosystem that allows customers to control all of their devices instantly. We create internet-independent and remote home automation systems that control lighting, irrigation, cameras, alarms, gates, climate, energy, garage doors, entertainment systems, water, and door locks using SaaS online software.

Clients may control music, video, lights, climate, and security systems via a smartphone, tablet, touch panel, or keypad with our IoT-based home automation solutions. We strive to provide complete peace of mind to our clients by developing solutions that improve their comfort and security at home.

  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Smart HVAC Devices
  • Wireless IR Motion Detector
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Home Automation