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Development in the IoT sector has greatly improved our day-to-day lifestyle. From entertainment to security, automation has become a crucial part of your life and to control these IoT-based devices you must need a user-friendly interface. Intellisense Technology develops smart apps to control and manage your security devices via mobile. With Our Advanced application development services, you can check the real-time status of your all devices at once.

If you're a business owner or an entrepreneur, our company can help you convert your normal product into smart technology. Here are the major features you can get with our apps.

Security Services



We got the Apps with most advanced features implemented in simple & user friendly flow which makes it easy for User and App Owners to use it.

Security Apps Development Company


With our expertise in both IoT development and Mobile App Development, we can develop security apps for private security agencies and home automation companies. Our apps help you monitor your place in real-time, turn on and off your devices anytime, track GPS location, and more. To develop yours, get a free quote from us now.

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Take a look at our amazing creation! We have burnt midnight oil and created the best for our clients

Technologies Used

Mongo DB