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Intellisense Technology: PCB and Embedded Hardware


The IT industry is highly competitive. Staying ahead of the competition and remaining relevant to customers with ever-changing wants and needs, it is imperative that companies satisfy client needs by providing every possible IT solution by meeting deadlines. With customer centricity as its top priority, Intellisense Technology is a leader in the IT industry offering services on a global scale.

An ISO-27001 and CMMI Level-3 certified company, Intellisense Technology has a proven record of developing advanced-level PCBs, IoT Development, Mobile App Development, Business Websites, and Circuit Design for tracking, reporting, security, and industrial automation equipment. At present, the company is working on smart technologies like drones, home automation, smart consumer products, and more with the mission to develop itself as a leading IT service provider.

Ensuring timely delivery of high-quality software services with efficient management of the complex technology structure, Intellisense’s team aim to facilitate its clients with the best possible solutions, to connect with the population regionally and globally and work smoothly with a hassle-free process.

The Visionary Behind Intellisense Technology

Mr Harjit Singh Gambhir, the founder & CEO of Intellisense Technology, is a man of high calibre. An astounding leader passionate about his work, Mr Harjit believes in utilising all resources to provide ultimate IT solutions to clients. Starting a business from scratch and establishing it as a brand, he has proved that everything is possible if done with full determination. His competence in dealing with foreign clients is remarkable

A journey from law graduate to Packaging Business to the inception of Intellisense in 2008, Mr Harjit has come a long way. He says, “In old times, people relied on the right stars to get the right direction. Intellisense Technology is one of the modern stars in the galaxy of technology, guiding businesses in the right direction.”

Services Offered By Intellisense

From software solutions and web and mobile applications to digital marketing and many more, a one-stop shop for all things related to the web, Intellisense Technology delivers customised solutions for the internet and technology in a single plate. With a dedicated assigned member on every project, the team of highly competent professionals at Intellisense provides technical support and the best consultancy to their clients as and when needed.

With over 60+ proficient technical members empowering Intellisense Technology, they have served more than 2200 clients with superior solutions and managed their businesses efficiently from all technical aspects.

How It All Started?

Talking about the inception of Intellisense Technology, Mr Harjit says, “Nothing in life is more exciting and rewarding than the sudden flash of insight that leaves you a changed person.” From a different business altogether and never even thought of being an entrepreneur in the IT industry, but destiny had other plans for him. Courtesy of a friend’s advice, he entered the IT industry and started a BPO to provide technical solutions all around the globe, and that’s what led to the foundation of Intellisense, which has since then become an industry leader by providing the best IT solutions across the globe.

“Every happy client is a success for us”- Mr Harjit Singh Gambhir

Intellisense Technology provides superior quality products to clients to satisfy their expectations and standards. Mr Harjit shares, “Our relationship with clients is not only limited to product delivery but extends to providing 24*7 support until they’re fully satisfied.” Taking every challenge as an opportunity to improve and grow, Intellisense emerged as the market leader. Some of the milestones and achievements Intellisense achieved over the years are

  • Completed over 250 projects, including local as well as international
  • Developed over 150 PCBs and IoT Projects
  • Successfully Launched Over 100+ Business Mobile Apps
  • Achieved a customer base of 500+ happy clients
  • Attained ISO- 27001 & CMMI Certifications
  • Alibaba trust-pass gold member for 15 years

Values Intellisense Technology Is Based On

With Innovation, Teamwork, and Client Satisfaction as its core values, Intellisense has provided its clients with state-of-art technology and helped them to boost their revenue more than ten times. Understanding client and industry demands and providing the same under a limited budget are the USPs of Intellisense. Mr Harjit shares, “We believe that behind every successful company, there’s unbeatable teamwork. Working in synergy always gives us an alternative solution to every problem and helps us get better results. Providing our client’s unconditional support and assisting them until they’re fully satisfied with our services is why we’re able to develop a long-term relationship with 90% of clients.

The Covid-19 Pandemic

From a business of packaging boxes to one of the pioneers in the IT industry, the journey for Mr Harjit was full of ups and downs. The onset of the pandemic was especially challenging, with significant changes in the whole process, from hiring to fulfilling clients’ requirements while maintaining productivity and working standards. PCB design companies faced a major decline in revenues, with countries suspending shipments from other countries, and Intellisense also felt its burn. On the plus side, the pandemic also made the Intellisense team think outside the box and manage the team, clients, and other business operations digitally, infusing teleconference into the daily work culture. The team at Intellisense is more aware of workstation sanitisation while ensuring safe ways of communication for employees. Even though Intellisense faced severe hardship, the team handled the whole situation patiently and smartly and became a better and more reliable organisation.

Sky Is The Limit For Intellisense

In the fast-evolving IT industry, a new trend emerges every once in a while. Mr Harjit says, “The moment you implement the first trend, the second will pop. We at Inteliisense keep ourselves updated with the latest happenings in the industry to provide better solutions for our clients.”

As the demand for Automation services is skyrocketing, the team of Intellisense is focusing its efforts on PCB design, Electronic Circuit Design, Embedded, and IoT Development. With the adaptation of the latest technologies and dedication towards clients’ requirements, Intellisense aims to be the best in the automation market.

Even with a strong customer base with a global clientele, with no plans to stop anytime soon, Intellisense is actively working on expanding the workforce, infrastructure, and business partners in the upcoming years to serve more potential clients and become one of the Top IoT Companies in India by 2027.

Mr Harjit Singh advises young entrepreneurs to understand the market demand first. He says,

“Making a startup successful is not about doing something new but doing what the people need at the moment. So, identify your target audience’s wants, needs, and behaviour and tell them in detail how your product or service will serve them the best.”