Circuit Design
Creating Solutions That Match Global Standard

Developers at Intellisense Technology create robust IoT apps for our clients. Not only this, but we view security as a vital aspect of circuit design services, our amazing team is capable of supplying all types of bespoke embedded and circuit design solutions. We have always been at the top of its clients' priority list when it comes to addressing their individual needs. Our developers are adhering to industry norms and guidelines that are helping our customers to realize the business potential of connected devices. Undoubtedly, our customers are fond of Intellisense Technology services because of their promptness, client-centric approach, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and dependability.

Circuit Design


Intellisense Technology is there to provide embedded system design services to our clients. Microprocessors and microcontrollers are required in electronic designs that utilize them for more accurate and regulated functions. Embedded systems are used to regulate the operations of daily devices such as televisions, cell phones, refrigerators, microwaves, and other appliances. The functions of the physical device are controlled by a software program on the backend. We can design embedded systems for a variety of electronic systems. Our skilled designers ensure that end-to-end embedded system design services are provided.

What Services You Get From Our Embedded Engineers


Our Circuit Design Services Include

Our engineers are developing schematic design, PCB design, modeling, and simulation of digital and analog circuits are all part of Intellisense Technology’s circuit design services. We also create component libraries that follow the IPC-7351A standards to make manually inserting components with symbols, footprints, and pin mapping easier.

  • Custom SoC, SoM, SBC
  • High-Speed Communication
  • Video Streaming and Processing
  • Motor Control
  • Wireless Communication
  • Low power MCU based electronics
  • DSP based electronics
  • Product Design Documentation
  • Physical Prototype
  • Product Manufacturing Documentation
Circuit Design