PCB design & Prototype of Power Bank

This project is a small lifestyle product featured with safety, efficiency and reliability.

Technical specifications of the project:-

  • Variable voltage regulator.
  • 3S Li-ion battery charging capability, with the necessary battery protection circuit,short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection
  • 4x LEDs to indicate battery level. Similar to the power banks in the market, 1x LED indicates 25% battery level, 2x LEDs indicate 50% battery level. Blinking LED means charging.
  • 1x tactile push button to control the variable voltage output, 7V, 9V and 12V. Tactile push button sequence,
  • 1st short press = indicate battery level, if no input from button within 5 seconds, = POWER OFF
  • 1st LONG PRESS = 7V
  • 2nd short press = 9V
  • 3rd short press = 12V
  • 4th short press = OFF
  • Input source is 3x 10440 type Li-Ion cell, lined up in parallel.
  • Charging source is via micro usb B, 5V
  • Load is a 12V Dc motor, power rating 0.8W.
  • Used components are commonly available.
  • The PCB has a custom shape and the button, LEDs, micro-usb port and output connectors position.